illustration of particle acceleration phenomenonFemtosecond lasers unlocked many possibilities regarding application including particule acceleration.  As the particule will have to be accelerated into the laser beam, the peak intensity needed to perform such application is so high picosecond and nanosecond lasers could not reach it, having too long a pulselength. Particule acceleration can be used ultimely to offer better cancer treatment, or perform more fundamental particule researchs.

The femtosecond laser therefore becomes an alternative to costly solutions that are traditionnal particule accelerators, offering to scientists a compact solutions to perform their experiments. And it’s by being partners with scientific laboratories or by taking part in projects such as the DRACO laser in Dresde or the HIBEF laser project in Hamburg that Amplitude can nurture a culture of being at the forefront of technology and knowledge and understanding what the scientific world needs.

It allowed us to build lasers offering that combination needed of well-controlled optical ultrafast pulses and high peak power in a compact and reliable platform. Our mastery of contrast with add-ons such as the Sequoia has cimented our leadership on the subject.



功能齐全,结构紧凑的超快激光器/Satsuma 飞秒激光器系列为市场提供了最紧凑结构、风冷设计的激光器平台,且 […]... ...
  • 平均功率
    从>5W到>50 W
  • 每个脉冲的能量
    从>10µJ到>40 µJ / 15 µJ
  • 脉冲宽度
    < 350 fs 到> 10 ps


高功率且功能齐全的飞秒激光器 Tangor是一款兼具高重频(最高可达40MHz并可按照您的需求实现重频可调)和 […]... ...
  • 平均功率
  • 每个脉冲的能量
  • 脉冲宽度
    < 500 fs 到> 10 ps


用于科学研究和微纳加工的飞秒激光器 Tangerine是一款强大的飞秒激光器,可以同时提供高重复频率(最高达4 […]... ...
  • 平均功率
    从>20 W到50 W
  • 每个脉冲的能量
    Up to 250 µJ
  • 脉冲宽度
    从<150fs到10 ps

Satsuma Niji

“定制化多用途的飞秒激光器/Satsuma Niji是一个工业级激光器平台,可以提供从257nm到 […]... ...
  • 平均功率
    Up to 20W
  • 每个脉冲的能量
    Up to 40 μJ
  • 波长
    可完全定制,从257nm到4000 nm


Magma是世界上第一台脉冲能量高达200 mJ的工业级超快激光器。 可提供高能量、高重复率和高峰值功率的激光 […]... ...
  • 脉冲能量
    从2mJ到200 mJ
  • 脉冲时间
    < 500 fs
  • 峰值功率
    从> 4GW到>1 TW

Pulsar TW

Pulsar TW是用于强场科学的最先进的高强度激光器。 Pulsar TW系列产品设计紧凑,拥有一流的产品性 […]... ...
  • 复读率
  • 峰值功率
  • 每个脉冲的能量
    从>1.5到>6.25 J


优秀的钛宝石技术 Arco—超强飞秒激光系统,是尖端应用的理想光源。 Arco放大器提供杰出的性能:坚固、可靠 […]... ...
  • 复读率
    从10 Hz到10 kHz
  • 每个脉冲的能量
    从0,8mJ到500 mJ
  • 脉冲宽度
    从<20fs到<100 fs