All Amplitude sites are open and operational

After several months into the COVID-19 pandemic in many regions around the world, France has gone back to lockdown, effective Friday Oct 30th for at least 4 weeks.

This situation causes restrictions but compared to last spring with lighter measures, and Amplitude was prepared to this situation.

Despite the Covid-crisis and the governmental constraints, Amplitude Management approach is focused on two objectives:

  • Ensuring that our worldwide colleagues and their families stay safe
  • Continuing our business and serving our customers

We have learnt from the first lockdown and we anticipated this new COVID-virus wave:

  • All measures for employee’s safety are in place since months.
  • We are managing our supply chain for continuing production and shipments to customers as planned.
  • Our production sites are all open and operational.
  • A full service once delivered: although travelling is not as easy as before we are pushing our creativity for assisting our customers using video conferences, videos and other online support.
  • We are all equipped and trained for working at distance: working from home or from the office, all your Amplitude contacts can get in touch with you in different ways


We sincerely hope to return to more standard situation very soon very soon. Meanwhile, we maintain all our activities, everyone from Amplitude is at work safely, and we are convinced we will all succeed by showing solidarity and resilience.