Amplitude Launches Premiumlite , a Worldwide Unique Cost-Effective Laser

The New Product Line of Flashlamp-pumped Lasers Opening New Processing Opportunities For Scientific and Industrial Applications

Amplitude, leading manufacturer of lasers since 2001, launches a worldwide unique and state-of-the-art nanosecond advanced Lasers range called Premiumlite. Developed in the framework of the European Extreme Light Infrastructure for Hungary (ELI-ALPS), the Premiumlite Lasers rely on an innovative liquid-cooled multi-disks amplifier module. They combine high energy per pulse – opening new opportunities for processing material such as stainless steel, titanium alloy… etc. – and high average power, the solution for increasing productivity in industry and collecting more data in research.

Simple, powerful and affordable, a Premiumlite laser is a compact box containing one beam and a single pulse, up to 750W average power at 10 Hz. Based on flashlamp pumping technology, Premiumlite is a unique cost-effective solution.

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