Amplitude Launches Satsuma Display

Amplitude is today launching the brand new Satsuma Display! Built on the Satsuma platform whose reliability and stability are already internationally recognized, we are now offering you the most compact air-cooled femtosecond laser available on the market.

With 4 different wavelengths included in one single laser, you can now optimize the quality of ablation to the highest level for any kind of materials you want. In addition to that, the femtosecond pulses provide flexibility to deliver results for the most challenging of operations, be it selective ablation, cutting, drilling and carbonization.

As you might also know, Amplitude will be present at Shanghai for the Laser World of Photonics Shanghai 2019. There, we will showcase our Tangor  and Satsuma. which we’ll happy to talk about in details as well as about our two new display solutions. We’ll see then how we can transform your nanosecond and picosecond laser repair processes with femtosecond laser ones, therefore improving your reparation line and production yield. So don’t hesitate to come, and see you next week !