Compress, faster repetition rates and maximum peak intensity

Compress, the industrial pulse compression module, offers a unique combination of throughput efficiency and compression ratio to help you reach the maximum peak intensity in a cost-effective manner. The Compress-10 version allows to reach the few tens of femtosecond regime with state-of-the-art > 80 % throughput efficiency, whereas the Compress-50 can turn our industrial Ytterbium lasers into few-cycle laser sources with > 50 % efficiency.

Amplitude industrial Ytterbium lasers with Compress not only give access to Ti:Saphire and OPCPA pulse durations but the user also gains the following advantages:

> intrinsic repetition rate,
> average power scalability,
> simpler setup,
> higher overall efficiency,
> pristine beam quality,
> industry leading short and long term stabilities.

It makes our Compress the indispensable companion for any Industrial Ytterbium Lasers.

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