Bordeaux, France – 12 juillet 2023. Amplitude, the global leader in ultra-short laser solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition and integration of Fastlite, a renowned French high-tech company specializing in femtosecond pulse shaping and characterization, as well as optical parametric amplifiers. Fastlite becomes entirely part of Amplitude’s international organization, further solidifying Amplitude’s position as a leading provider of comprehensive and state-of-the-art laser solutions.

The acquisition of Fastlite represents a significant milestone for Amplitude, as it expands the company’s technological capabilities and enhances its product portfolio by offering complete and simplified solutions. Fastlite brings extensive expertise in femtosecond pulse shaping and characterization, offering cutting-edge solutions for ultrafast laser applications. Additionally, their optical parametric amplifiers further complement Amplitude’s existing product offerings, enabling a more comprehensive range of solutions for customers across industries, such as scientific laboratories.

“We are delighted to welcome Fastlite to the Amplitude family,” said Damien BUET, C.E.O. of Amplitude. “This acquisition represents a significant step forward for our company, as it allows us to offer a wider range of cutting-edge laser solutions to our customers. Fastlite’s expertise and technology perfectly align with our mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in ultra-short laser applications. Together, we are poised to achieve new heights and further solidify our position as the world leader in ultra-short laser solutions.”

Pierre-Mary PAUL, Director and Vice President Large Projects of Amplitude expresses his satisfaction: ” Their complementary expertise will strengthen our ability to design and manufacture the next generation of femtosecond lasers, offering our customers exceptional performance and reliability.”

Pascal TOURNOIS, current Managing Director of Fastlite, adds, “This decision marks an important milestone in our journey as a company. Fastlite’s existing customers will continue to receive the same exceptional service and support they have come to expect, with the added advantage of access to Amplitude’s extensive resources and global presence.”.