Latest Results at Amplitude on High Average Power PW Laser

During the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (web conference), on Oct 27th (16h UTC+9 / 9 am CET), Franck Falcoz, our laser expert, will present the latest development made in the frame of High repetition rate PW laser. Increasing the repetition rate in high energy laser requires to master a lot of different parameters and especially the cooling and the reliability. At Amplitude, we have worked in this direction in the frame of two projects: ELI ALPS in Hungaria and HIBEF in Germany. This talk will highlight the developments that we have accomplished to reach at the same time a high energy and a high average power: specific pump laser (50J at 10Hz), High average power cryo cooling. Also, there will be a focus on the reliability of these systems and a presentation of the results gathered during the last months.

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