The Sales Team Is Getting Bigger!

Amplitude Laser Group welcomes today our three new colleagues in sales!

3 new sales manager

Andreas Wollscheidt will be responsible for Industrial sales together with Xavier Wolters and Guillaume Szymczak. He will take care mainly of the area encompassing Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Ashley Crane will be responsible for Science sales in Ytterbium High Repetition Rate products and Titane:Sapphire SP together with Aurélia Durand and Gabriel Loata. Under the guidance of Guillaume Szymczak, Ashley will focus on the northern part of Europe (mainly UK and Scandinavia).

As for Jiaru Lu, he will be responsible for Science sales in Yb HR and Ti:Sa SP together with @Yolanda Zhang in China.

Both Ashley and Jiaru will also co-work with Dr. Yoann ZAOUTER for Yb:HR, and with Mr. Luc Vigroux for Ti:Sa SP products.

We wish you all three the best at Amplitude.